Day 1: Setting up Ubuntu Server on VMware

Day 1: Setting up Ubuntu Server on VMware

Today i’m starting this new blog to document my experience with Ubuntu Server and possibly share some of the things i learn with anyone who stumbles upon this blog. So that was quite fast..on with the good stuff.

First thing is first, i visited the following link to get my hands on the latest version of Ubuntu Server Once that was out of the way i opened up VMware and created a new machine, selecting the iso file i had just downloaded and giving the vm a decent 30GB worth of disk space. In addition, i also had to choose the username and password i wanted before i was done creating the machine. Let me give you a hint if you are following the steps im going through, DON’T use admin as the username it is reserved. After that  i booted up the vm and began the installation process.

The installation process was quite simple, nothing hard at all actually. Any newbie can do it and will likely face zero problems.

This is the view i was met with upon completion of the installation process: